Welcome to Animaltastic Henlow. Our store within Henlow is our third store and is set inside Perfect Aquatics. Currently, our largest store, Henlow is home to a wide selection of our bird species and also some of our more unusual exotics and reptiles. 


Our store can be divided into several different areas. At the back, you will find our new 'Bird Room'. This is also home to our Parrot Room, that we hope will hold a wide variety of smaller parrot species from conures to African Greys. This is something that will be taking place within our main store redevelopment. Also within the bird room, you will find our full lenth aviaries that are home to some of our smaller bird species. These will range from our wide selection of finches, canaries, budgies and other smaller parakeets. Check out our stock list page to see exactly the wide range of birds in which we hold. This area of Animaltastic Henlow will also hold all the great quality cages that are required when choosing your new bird pet. 


Heading back to the shop, you will head to our main Animal Room. Gere, it will be possible to see our wide sleection of small animals in which we have for sale. These will range from rats, gerbils, fancy mice and several species of hamster. Most of our small animals will be bred either by ourselves, local breeders or small scale breeders. This will ensure that your new pet gets the best possible start and means we can offer the highest quality animals for all our customers. Also in this area, you may find our friendly rabbits, guinea pigs and other larger rodents. Our staff are highly trained to ensure that we can help in all aspects of you pet keeping choice and ensure you can make an informed decision on whta species would suit you best. 


To one side of our main store, you will find our Reptile Department. Here, you will find our showroom, offering many of our starter sets for all the species we offer. Our reptile housing options are extremely diverse, making sure that we can look at your options and ensure that you reptile pet has everything that they need. We can also cater for personal requirements for more specific species to ensure that you have everyhting that you may require. 


At the back of the reptile area, you will find our wide selection of live reptiles. Each species will have their individual enclosures that will suit their personal and physical requirements. This gives a good chance to see some of the different species in which are kept as pets and which ones may suit your personal requirements. 


Our Henlow main shop floor also has a wide sleection of products for all areas of pet care. This will include both dry and wet dog foods, small animal and bird accessories as well as treats and toys for all types of pets. Our team members will be more than happy to help you with your product selections and ensure you get the most from your visit.