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This page will tell you all about what is happening at Animaltastic Pets and Pet Supplies. From exciting new births, birds we are hand rearing and all general shop information. This is the page to find out everything that is going on...  

Pitter patter of sticky feet!


Animaltastic has now bred crested geckos for the first time. This is another species in which we are able to breed ourselves. This will ensure that we know their full history and can provide our customers with the best quality stock as possible. 


Crested geckos are an easy to keep species and can make great first time reptile pets. They do require gentle handling but are fascinating to watch.  

Latest litter are growing fast!


We now have another litter of Syrian Hamsters which will be ready for new homes in the next couple of days. As with all our rodents and many other species, we try and breed our own. This ensure that we do not have to go to rodent farms, where animals are overbred, unhandled and generally in poor conditions. By breeding on a small scale, we can provide better quality animals which are responsibiliy sourced. Most people would not buy a dog from a puppy farm, so why buy a your pet hamster in this manner? 


Syrians make great first time pets and with good handling, can be extremely friendly. Various available colours make them very popular with children and adults alike. 

Cute little balls of spikes!


One of our African Pygmy Hedgehogs has recently had a litter and her babies have been very popular with staff. Mum has been extremely good and allowed us to handle her babies to ensure they grow up to make great pets. The babies are extremely curious and now easily sucking up mealworms as their favourite treat! These babies will be on show very soon


African Pygmy Hedgehogs are a specialist pet but can be very rewarding to keep for the right people. For further information on their care and requirements, just come in and speak to a member of staff. 

Due to popular demand...

(Hemel Only)


Hemel is now open Sundays! There is now plenty of time to stock up on all of your pet food with our increase in hours. With the shopping square being quieter on Sundays, you will always be able to park just outside if you require any bulky items. As always, our expert staff will be available to assist with any questions regarding your current or new pet.