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Animal Areas

Animaltastic covers all aspects of pet care in order to make sure that you have all of the products and knowledge that you require. With highly knowledgable staff, we can advise on all aspects of pet keeping including health, nutrition and training. 


We also have many areas in store to allow you to meet your new potential pet. This allows you to learn more about the species or breed which you intend to keep and talk to the staff which care for them on a daily basis. 


The Animal Room


Animal room...... This is where we keep all our small rodents and birds in lovely clean and modern housing before they go off to their new homes. Where possible we like to breed and handle all our small animals to give them the very best start to their lives as our friends and companions .

Reptile Corner

Our Reptile Corner is home to many easier to keep species of reptile. We stock many species of lizard including Bearded Dragons, Berber Skinks, Leopard Geckos and Anoles. We also stock a large variety of snakes including an array of corn snake morphs. Please see our Stock List page for what we currently have available. 


We also have a wide variety of reptile products including livefoods, frozen foods, substrates and cage decor. Our staff our happy to advise on which products will suit your set up and which products are required in order to ensure the health and husbandry of your pet reptile.

Fish Area

The Fish Area includes purpose built aquariums which have been designed to allow a wide variety of fish to be held within three seperate systems. Our tanks have high levels of filteration to ensure that our fish have excellent water conditions. Animaltastic stocks both tropical and coldwater fish. Whether you are looking for a first time goldfish pet or a new addition for a well matured community tank, we are sure to be able to advise on which species of fish will suit you best. 


We also stock a wide range of tank decor, foods and electrical equipment to ensure that you have everything you need to keep your fish fit and healthy as well as making your aquarium looks good.

Small Pet Section

Animaltastic stocks a wide variety of small pets in order to ensure that you can find the one that suits your personal requirements and lifestyle. These range from hamsters, gerbils through to the more exotic species of rodents.


Animaltastic also breeds the majority of their own rodents. This ensure that we can monitor the breeding closely, ensure excellent animal welfare for our breeding stock and ensure that we can handle the young at an earlier age. All these points help to ensure that your new pet has the best start in life. 

Dog and Cat Foods

Animaltastic are stockists of a wide variety of Dog and Cat foods. Specialising in high quality, hypoallergenic foods, we are able to advice on the best way to feed your pet and inform you of the choices in which you have. With brands such as Barking Heads, James Well Beloved and Burns, we are sure that you will find the right food to fit your pets nutritional needs and your budget. 


We are also able to offer a customer order system to allow you to order any brand of pet food which you might need. This ensures that you can feed your pet the way in which you want to. Animaltastic also stocks the more common brands of cheaper dog foods for your convenience.