For many people, birds make the perfect pet. If tame, they can be very rewarding as companion animals, or if kept in an avairy, they can be rewarding to watch. Many have bright colouration and unusual sounds, making them even more popular.


All bird species are very different and it is important to choose the right one to fit in with your available facilities and lifestyle. Below are some of the different species which we sell in order to help you make the right decision.


Due to their curious nature, budgies can make great companion animals. Their colourful patterns and playful charecters, makes them rewarding to keep in the house. Budgies can also make a great addition to an avairy.


Canaries are one of the most popular pet birds. Their small size makes them easy to keep within the house and a good first time pet bird. Their singing and bright colours also makes them extremely popular.


Their are many different species of finch available. Most have interesting colours and markings. Generally, finches are extremely social. Due to their small size, it is often easy to keep a pair or group. They also get on well within a mixed avairy with other small birds.


Kakarikis are a very popular medium sized parakeet. Their bright colours and interesting noise makes them different to other types of parakeet. They also tame down well to make great companion animals.

Bourke Parakeet

Bourke Parakeets are a medium sized parakeet which is becoming more popular as a companion bird. They share similar charecteristics to budgies and tame down well. Their placid nature also makes them a great addition to a mixed avairy with smaller birds.