Small Animals

When it comes to buying your first pet, many people will often look at the many different domestic mammals which are available. Generally, domestic mammals are easy to care for and handle. This makes that great companion animals or first time pets for children.


All domestic mammals are very different and it is important to choose the right one to fit in with your available facilities and lifestyle. Below are some of the different species which we sell in order to help you make the right decision.


Rabbits can make great first time pets. They are reletively easy to care for and can be litter trained, making cleaning easier. They are easy to handle and can tame down very well with good handling.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are very popular pets. The fact that they are happy to be handled and very rarely bite, makes them great pets for children.

Syrian Hamster

Syrian hamsters make great first time pets. If handled from a young age, they tame down very well and their small size makes them easy to house; even within a small household.

Russian Hamster

Russian hamsters are easy to look after and their small size makes them popular as pets. These small hamsters can be kept in groups but are prone to fighting when they reach adulthood. We advise to keep these hamsters individually.

Fancy Rats

Rats make great companion pets. Their social and intelligent nature makes them very rewarding pets. They can also be toliet trained to make cleaning alot easier.

Fancy Mice

Mice make great pets. They are easy to look after and come in aray of different colours and markings. Mice tend to be quite active making them both great for handling and watching.